Brett W. Butler


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Brett W. Butler is an actor, writer and producer living in Los Angeles. He is a recent transplant from New York City,
where he spent seven years studying and applying his craft on the stage and in film. Some memorable performances include playing "Bobby" in Bill C. Davis's revised edition of "Wrestlers," a play he co-produced as well.

One of Brett's most challenging and gratifying stage experiences was playing an amalgam of one character in "Raving Lunatics," a cut-up of Jack Kerouac's bop prosody, created and directed by the subterranean vision of Tom Marion. Prior to that, Brett spent a year studying the Meisner approach with Wendy Ward of Ward Studio, without whom this dream would remain simply that.

Brett is currently revising a screenplay, "Sacred Calm," based on his mother's autobiography, "Four Husbands, Four Lives." A native of Lafayette, Indiana, Brett holds a Liberal Arts degree from Purdue University, and is a lifelong Boilermaker.

He bows to honor and thank his family, comrades, and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, without whom life would have no meaning, and joy, no purpose. Thank you.


I humbly thank the following for their influence and inspiration in my life:

First, to my family and comrades, your acceptance, example and stewardship, I treasure. You continually teach me the value of life and show me how to live it. I would not be who or where I am today without you. I love you and thank you!

To Sean Penn, your courage, respect and dedication to the craft, knowing full the sacrifice, is unparalleled and inspirational. Raw, weathered and emotionally naked, you continually challenge and question yourself in the inhabiting of those living outside the margins of society, imperfectly and irreverently living truth where society has forsaken their own. Thank you for so courageously showing me as an artist to live "In the time of my life."

To Bruce Springsteen, the raconteur. Your words and music are a world devoid of gloss and pretense. A world of bare bone truth. A world of flawed and reckless hearts, stuck in traffic on a Saturday night like white hot rubber on a '57 Chevy, burning to find the exit ramp and spin their dreams to gold. A world, a land, of hope and dreams. Thank you. To Sylvester Stallone, for "Rocky." Inspiring me to go the distance with integrity and courage.

And to Ronnie Van Sant and Lynyrd Skynyrd, for down south jukin' and carrying the torch for so many years and for "Simple Man." The greatest song ever made.

Love and joy to you all.